"A portfolio from Stefan Oeltermann"

About this website

That is a picture from me (Stefan Oeltermann) while I am paddling.

Hey guys and welcome,

this is my portfolio. My name is Stefan or also known as Oelti (Ölti). The nickname is inherited by my last name Oeltermann.

My plan was always to create my own website (because I did a lot for companies), but I had not time for that.

The answer why I have now time is that actually I take come web-design and web-developement classes on the Cal State Long Beach and our assignment is to create a simple website with HTML without using Dreamweaver.

That is the result. First I created the content (HTML 5) and attached after that a CSS design file. By using HTML 5 I avoid every issue for designing. I also used for example the unordered list (ul) for menus or the definition list for the news. With this splitment of HTML 5 and CSS I can develope different design for different browsers (hendheld, mobile phones, browsers) with the same content.

So long and have fun on my website :-)


Site go online static. Dynamically will follow
Got the idea for this website.